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What do ASPART-X™ customers have to say? – Add a Testimonial

“I manage a small municipal zoo in Northern Illinois. One of our most popular exhibits here at the zoo is our reptile building. We had remodeled it about 4 years ago, and at the time, it was too costly to try to put a permanent floor coating on the floor. Being a small zoo, we also have a small budget.

After purchasing a new pickup truck back in August of 2010, and talking to the local Line-X franchise in the area at one of the local County Fairs, I found out that LINE-X not only did bedliners, but also did commercial floors. After having a LINE-X liner put in my new truck, I asked to have a quote to install your flooring in our reptile house. Prior to that we had painted the floor twice a year with an epoxy paint, and it would last about a month with the traffic that we experience (we get about 170,000 visitors per year in the reptile house).

LINE-X was competitive with the other local commercial floor companies, and I chose them to install the ASPART-X flooring for the reptile building. I would like to say that the floor looks great!

I also would like to pass on that these guys (Patrick Ray and Josh Warner, and crew) went above and beyond to make sure that everything was prepped properly and that everything was installed and finished to the highest level. The building that they were working in is about 75 years old, and certainly had its challenges. These guys were often times here until 1:00 am, several nights, just to make sure that things were done properly.

I don’t come across this type of dedication much at all anymore. I am certain that if I had chosen one of the other bids that I had received, they would have been in and out as quickly as possible, and not paid as much attention to detail. I would like to say that I would recommend your product, as well as the local LINE-X store, to anyone looking to have any type of commercial floor installed as well as anyone looking to have a bed-liner installed in their truck. It was a pleasure doing business.”

Name: LINE-X Customer
Location: Northern Illinois

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